Penderyn, Royal Welsh, Single Malt Whisky, Wales (43%)

Penderyn, Royal Welsh, Single Malt Whisky, Wales (43%)

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Penderyn, Royal Welsh, Single Malt Whisky, Wales (43%)

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Nutty and very gently peated on the nose and with chewy fudge appearing on the palate, the finish abounds with vanilla spice and sweet smoke. An evocative glance back at the history of Welsh whisky with the oldest Welshman I know.
Rob Whitehead, Spirits Buyer

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Penderyn Distilery

Penderyn Distilery

Nestled on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons, Penderyn Distillery lies at the heart of the Welsh whisky industry. This is a relatively youthful operation in whisky terms – in production since 2001 – but it is clear that there is a long future ahead of it.

With a borehole on site, the all-female distilling and blending team here use the pure water of the Brecons to produce their range of whiskies. Moreover, they are unique in their use of two Faraday stills – as opposed to the more traditional pot still. They also have a higher cut point than many other distillers. Both factors contribute to Penderyn’s light and floral signature style.

Penderyn’s core range has a variety of finishes. The house style is Madeira; Rich Oak, Peated, Port and Sherry wood finishes complete the set. The single-cask limited-edition bottlings are Penderyn’s secret weapon, specially chosen by the team.


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