Arbikie Nàdar Vodka (43%)

Arbikie Nàdar Vodka (43%)

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Arbikie Nàdar Vodka (43%)

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To research and producing a carbon-positive vodka requires a real certainty of purpose. The Stirling brothers of Arbikie distillery – along with their fiendishly talented Master Distiller, Kirsty Black – have just such a firmness of vision. Using peas as the raw material for fermentation – and thus distillation – allows significant sustainability benefits. Conscientious distillation creates this sweetly scented vodka of real charm and class. Particularly notable is the impeccably soft finish. For a real treat, pair with buttered bread and distillery-local Arbroath smokies.

Rob Whitehead, Spirits Buyer, Berry Bros. & Rudd

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Arbikie Distillery

Arbikie Distillery

Established by the three Stirling brothers on their family’s picturesque East Coast estate, Arbikie Distillery has upheld a steadfast sustainability commitment since its inception. From the moment the distillery’s doors swung open, they embarked on a remarkable journey with sustainability firmly embedded in their core values. Arbikie’s dedication to environmental responsibility is nothing short of exemplary.

At the heart of the distillery’s sustainability journey is its pioneering use of hydrogen fuel, a groundbreaking innovation that has set them apart in the world of distillation. This innovative approach to energy sourcing demonstrates their unwavering dedication to reducing their carbon footprint. Hydrogen fuel, known for its clean and renewable characteristics, powers their distillation process, ensuring their operations have minimal environmental impact.

However, Arbikie’s sustainability commitments extend far beyond their energy sources. Their dedication to being carbon-positive is a testament to their holistic approach to environmental stewardship. They actively engage in sustainable farming practices, cultivating crops that contribute to their distillation and help offset carbon emissions. These carbon-positive crops represent a genuine effort to give back to the planet by sequestering more carbon than they emit, making Arbikie a true leader in green distilling.

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