Masahiro Gin, Recipe No. 1, Okinawa (47%)

Masahiro Gin, Recipe No. 1, Okinawa (47%)

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Masahiro Gin, Recipe No. 1, Okinawa (47%)


As with the vast majority of modern gins, the botanicals used in the distilling process are quintessential to local cuisine. In the case of this Japanese gin, shequasar, a small, green citrus fruit native to Okinawa is used and the recipe also includes goya, the anti-ageing, cucumber-shaped bitter melon. These locally foraged and strange botanicals from Okinawa give a sense of place to the gin which is totally unique and truly exotic to our palates.
Happily, though, it still tastes like a gin (just). It keeps a core of juniper, and balance is achieved by the exceptionally quality and pin-point precision of the distillation. It is an amazing craft.
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Masahiro Distillery

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