Berry Bros. & Rudd XO Calvados, Calvados Lecompte

Berry Bros. & Rudd XO Calvados, Calvados Lecompte

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Berry Bros. & Rudd XO Calvados, Calvados Lecompte

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An impeccable cider brandy, this Calvados shows the benefit of extended aging in a complex combination of casks, each giving different nuances to the lush, almost opulently fruity notes from the spirit. The nose teases with late-summer musk rose and waxed red apple skins. This is supported on the palate by sandalwood and tangy, homemade, green apple sauce. Drink with fruitcake, friends or simply by the fireside.
Rob Whitehead, Spirits Buyer

Golden amber in colour with enticing aromas of spiced apple cake, dried fruit, and caramelized hazelnuts. Greeted with a lovely texture and mouthfeel on the palate, the spirit has softened after 12 years ageing in oak casks, deriving moreish notes of toffee apple and fruit cake. There is great viscosity and richness across the mid-palate, layers of sweet spices, roasted walnuts and orange zest. The finish is long and rewarding, this is a superbly balanced Calvados which will provide enjoyment on its own or accompanying festive fare.
Chris Lamb, Private Account Manager

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The history of Maison Lecompte begins in 1923, when a local wine and spirit merchant decided to sell the rest of his company but hold onto his collection of vintage Calvados. He then devoted himself entirely to the aging, blending and promotion of Calvados. Maison Lecompte was born.

There, in the peaceful cellars of his farm at Notre Dame de Courson, he laid down these casks of precious Calvados to continue their slow alchemical evolution in peace. And there they stayed for decades, entirely forgotten. Eighty-five years later the owners of Maison Lecompte asked Richard Prével, a third-generation Cellar Master, to create the most extraordinary, the most perfect and the most complete Calvados ever made. The Cellar Master spent five years blending, researching, composing countless combinations of Lecompte’s precious eaux-de-vie in a tireless quest for perfection. As he searched the cellars for the rarest vintages to be used in this special blend, he came across several barrels which had been forgotten since 1923 – the barrels with which Maison Lecompte was founded.

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