Delamain Gensac la Pallue, Grande Champagne Cognac (40%)

Delamain Gensac la Pallue, Grande Champagne Cognac (40%)

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Delamain Gensac la Pallue, Grande Champagne Cognac (40%)


Delamain Gensac la Pallue is a selection of Cognacs from one local grower-distiller in Gensac la Pallue, situated in the heart of the Grande Champagne area. This cognac has been matured for more years than a X.O requires. It is a blend of cognacs stated "Compte 10", which is the legal age of the cognac (meaning over 10.5 years). This is the maximum ageing time followed and controlled by the Cognac Office (BNIC). The Single Vineyard Gensac La Pallue Cognac is a very old Compte 10.

This cognac was matured in a 350lt Limousin oak cask which is well-seasoned to avoid imparting too much tannins and to preserve the natural delicacy of the Grande Champagne cognac. On th enose, it offers the typical fruitiness, mellowness and delicacy of an old Grande Champagne cognac. The colour is natural brilliant clear gold. No use of artificial colour sugar or wood concentrate. On the palate, the initial bouquet of grapes and ripe fruits gives way to aromas of vanilla, nuts, almonds and grilled toast. The maturity of the fruit, the round mellowness and the remarkable length reveals the finesse and subtlety of great cognacs.

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Delamain is one of the oldest and last family-owned and run houses in Cognac. It was established in 1759 by James Delamain, and is still run by direct family descendents, Charles Braastad-Delamain and his cousin, Patrick Peyrelongue.

The house of Delamain is strongly attached to its tradition of craftsmanship. It specialises in ageing and maturing high quality Cognacs exclusively from the Grande Champagne region.

The Cognacs are meticulously selected from individual producers, many of whom have traded with the Delamain House for generations. Immense care is taken to maintain the quality of the Cognacs through the ageing process, and the Cognacs are left to mature in cask until each reaches perfection. They are then blended and married to create a product that expresses the Delamain style.

Delamain has a range of unique products: Pale & Dry X.O, a blend of Cognacs of 25 years, that showcases the Delamain style. Vesper, with 35 years ageing, is a darker, more pronounced style than Pale & Dry X.O.

Très Vénérables, a  blend of very old Cognacs (55 years) from the Grande Champagne region. Single Vintage Bottlings, selected issued from the best estates in Grande Champagne and matured in Delamain's cellars. Reserve de la Famille, an unblended, single estate, single cask Cognac - a unique find in the world of Cognacs.

The pinnacle of the product range is Le Voyage, the ultimate product for the Cognac Connoisseur, with only 500 available worldwide.

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