Clase Azul, Ultra-Extra Añejo, Tequila (40%)

Clase Azul, Ultra-Extra Añejo, Tequila (40%)

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Clase Azul, Ultra-Extra Añejo, Tequila (40%)

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The pinnacle of the entirely excellent Clase Azul range is this extra Anejo bottling, simply named “Ultra”. Few Tequilas match the luxuriant mouthfeel and almost cruel moreishness on display here; this is as temptingly delicious as it is magnificently presented. We’ve been enjoying this post-prandially at any sensible opportunity; this is exceptional when paired with cured meats and sausages of all kinds. This is amongst the very best Agave spirits ever offered.

Rob Whitehead, Spirits Buyer, Berry Bros. & Rudd (December 2022)

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