Three Ships, 12-Year-Old, Single Malt Whisky, South Africa (46.3%)

Three Ships, 12-Year-Old, Single Malt Whisky, South Africa (46.3%)

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Three Ships, 12-Year-Old, Single Malt Whisky, South Africa (46.3%)

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With sweet digestive biscuit notes on the nose and a hint of smoke, this excellent whisky has an alluring quality. Vanilla and a touch more smoke combine with a honeyed finish on the palate. This is elegant yet full of flavour and somewhat akin to a light Islay Scotch. If you are keen to try a single malt whisky from an alternative region, look no further, as this is superb.

Matthew Cobb, Account Manager, Berry Bros. & Rudd

Three Ships whisky hails from the James Sedgwick Distillery which was, notably, the first distillery to release a South African single malt, in 2003. This particular single malt was only released in Europe and is part of the Master's Collection. It has been aged for a minimum of 12 years in American oak casks; ageing whisky in South Africa’s warm climate results in an accelerated interaction between the spirit and the oak, creating a depth of flavour and balance beyond that of many spirits of equivalent age statements.

The nose has an immediate note of smoke and charred wood, followed by a hint of vanilla. The palate is full and oily, with ripe tropical fruits, brown sugar, and a black pepper warmth on the finish.

Iain Glover, Spirits Advisor, Berry Bros. & Rudd

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