1982 Berry Bros. & Rudd XO Jamaican Rum, Cask No. 14, (57%)

1982 Berry Bros. & Rudd XO Jamaican Rum, Cask No. 14, (57%)

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1982 Berry Bros. & Rudd XO Jamaican Rum, Cask No. 14, (57%)

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Jamaica produces some of the most characterful rums and this is a very special example. Rich, tarry, brittle toffee aromas prevail with tropical fruits evolving. The palate is powerful, treacly and intense with a trace of chicory and spice balanced by sweet molasses.

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Rums made in English-speaking regions, such as Barbados and Belize, tend to be heavier and richer in style. Those made in French-speaking areas, such as Haiti, are likely to be leafy and smoky; while Spanish-speaking countries, such as Nicaragua and Guatemala, are likely to produce a lighter, brighter style of rum. You’ll also find an ever-expanding collection of rums from other territories and continents, from Mauritius to England.

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