2015 Miraval Rosé, Famille Perrin, Côtes de Provence

2015 Miraval Rosé, Famille Perrin, Côtes de Provence

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2015 Miraval Rosé, Famille Perrin, Côtes de Provence


This could be the perfect Provencal rosé – the palest pink with aromas of wild strawberries, raspberries and a touch of fennel. Red fruit and citrus on the palate, this is perfectly poised between easy drinking for an aperitif but some structure that would cope admirably with a light lunch. This is dangerously drinkable!
Fergus Stewart, Private Account Manager

The latest Miraval Rosé vintage, 2015 surpasses all others in quality. This rosé wine is genuinely good and worth every penny.  Miraval Rosé is the only rosé to have appeared in the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list of the Best Wines (2013). Jeb Dunnuck of the Wine Advocate called it "a killer rosé.”

Miraval the property and Miraval the wine capture the essence of Provençale charm, the epitome, perhaps, of Matisse’s ‘Luxe, calme et volupté’. The terraced vineyards date from Roman times, as indeed do the surrounding forests, the environment of scrubland (aka garrigue) thyme and olives, providing a most welcome refuge, no doubt, for Hollywood A- listers seeking to brush up their winemaking knowledge. It seems, indeed, that Brad and Angelina are more hands-on than one may have expected, their hands expertly guided around the winery by the Perrin family of Château de Beaucastel fame.

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Wine Advocate89/100
Wine Advocate89/100
The juicy, strawberry, underbrush and floral scented 2015 Cotes de Provence Rose is medium-bodied, nicely textured and balanced, with bright, crisp acidity coming through on the finish. It's a classic, beautifully made Ros to enjoy over the coming summer months.
Jeb Dunnuck - 30/05/2016 Read more

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Miraval is located close to the ancient town of Correns, just to the north of Brignoles right in the heart of Provence. The property is, if you will forgive the hyperbole, pretty much as close to paradise as it is possible to be, a terraced oasis nestling in the forests and scrub of the Mediterranean.

Its history goes some way to explain the magical aura which pervades the valley; located close to the Roman road Via Aurelia, Miraval was the site of a monastery in the Middle Ages, thereafter a refuge for the Bourbon kings. More recently, it has been a peaceful retreat for latter-day troubadours, its recording studio tempting the likes of Sting, Sade and Pink Floyd to record some of their finest work over the years.

Inspiration is clearly not hard to come by here. The latest incumbents are no strangers to fame and fortune; not only is Miraval the summer retreat of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but it is also the winery where they have launched a joint venture with the Perrin family of the renowned Château de Beaucastel in the Rhône Valley.

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The Roman poet Martial once condemned the wines of Provence’s capital Marseilles as “terrible poisons, and never sold at a good price”. Fortunately, this harrowing proclamation was born of envy.

Quite how long winemaking has been going on in Provence is a matter of historical debate, but it is thought that it dates back as far as the Greek founding of Massilia (now Marseilles) in 600 BC.

Although Rome tried to curtail the production of wine here so as to favour exports of Italian goods throughout the Empire, soldiers retiring from the legions undermined them by privately continuing to grow grapes in this area of France they called Provincia Nostra (‘our province’).

Like other areas in the Mediterranean, Provence has played host to a series of cultures during its history, and each one has added its own touch to the region’s winemaking, particularly in terms of grape varieties. Simply listing some of the grapes found in the province gives a good idea of this variance, as they include Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache (the most planted), Ugni Blanc, Clairette, the indigenous Calitor, Barbaroux, Rolle (Vermentino) and Sémillon, amongst others.

Provence, to the east of Languedoc-Rousillon,is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, entailing warm summers and mild winters. With an annual average of up to 3,000 hours, excessive sun is a concern for many vines. Fortunately the heat is alleviated by the northerly mistral wind, and the risk of fungal diseases is minimal – which makes Provence suitable for organic viticulture.

The region is predominantly known for its rosé wines, which account for over half of Provençal production and are usually dry. The tiny enclave of Cassis stands out as a predominantly white wine region.

Provence’s Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) are:  

Vin de pays is also produced throughout the region. 

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Other Varieties

Other Varieties

There are over 200 different grape varieties used in modern wine making (from a total of over 1000). Most lesser known blends and varieties are traditional to specific parts of the world.

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