2017 Gaba do Xil, Mencía, Telmo Rodríguez, Valdeorras, Spain

2017 Gaba do Xil, Mencía, Telmo Rodríguez, Valdeorras, Spain

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2017 Gaba do Xil, Mencía, Telmo Rodríguez, Valdeorras, Spain


Mencía is an incredibly exciting grape that’s both refreshing (here, due to the Atlantic influence in Valdeorras) and complex. Gaba do Xil doesn’t disappoint. Its nose is spicy and herbal, with aromas of thyme, cherry and violet. The wine is unoaked, so the purity of the fruit character shines through, long onto the finish. The tannins are fine-grained, melting in the mouth; a refreshing slatey minerality lingers on the finish. Try this with cured meats, aubergine dishes or even lamb curry. Ready to drink now.

Lucy Bland, Buying Assistant (November 2020)

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About this WINE

Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez is one of the greatest of Spanish winemakers. In a fashion not dissimilar to Alavaro Palacios, Telmo travelled and learnt for many years before returning home to Rioja, where he has improved yet further the quality of a wine that was already outstanding. In addition he supervises négociant projects throughout Spain. One of his most acclaimed projects is in Ribera del Duero.

The charismatic Telmo has something of the prodigal about him, having now returned to his Riojan homestead to energise the great house of Remelluri. One should not overlook, however, his other properties, which explore some of the lesser known areas of Spain and in each case seek to make superlative and characterful wines. Ribera del Duero is, of course, far from a lesser-known area, so it is to Telmo’s great credit, but to no–one’s particular surprise, that the wines he makes at Matallana are amongst the very best here too.

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Mencía is the primary grape of the Bierzo region and its undisputed star, covering nearly two-thirds of the vineyards. This red grape variety is grown almost exclusively in north-western part of Spain (especially in the DOs of Galicia, Valdeorras, Monterrei, and Ribeira Sacra). Mencía ripens early, by mid-September, and is well suited to the maritime climate of Bierzo where autumn rains are quite common.

Mencía has only recently come into spotlight as a quality, potential-laden grape variety. When properly made, it offers fascinating wines across a contrasting spectrum of styles; on the one end are fruity and forward wines with supple tannins and succulent fruit. On the other end are more concentrated, powerful styles with an exotic earthiness, smooth tannins and an enviable reflection of the minerally-rich Bierzo terroir.

Mencía is capable of making excellent wine on its own, with no need to sacrifice its unique character in blends with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot that are commonplace elsewhere in Spain.

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