2013 Artazuri Garnacha, Artadi, Navarra

2013 Artazuri Garnacha, Artadi, Navarra

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2013 Artazuri Garnacha, Artadi, Navarra

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The ensuing complexity is a delight to behold. The natural exuberance of the Garnacha grape is not lost, merely enhanced by a complexity which combines notes of spice, liquorice, damson and bitter chocolate. Berries, black and blue but unbruised, dominate the front of the mouth, with a sweet seductive velvety texture which is difficult to resist. 
Simon Field MW - Wine Buyer

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Deeply flavoured reds are some of Spain's greatest assets and at a parrillada - a Spanish BBQ - marinated lamb and beef are left to rest while the grill gets going. Hot, sweet and peppery, these sauces and marinades cry out for a fresh, vibrant style like Artazuri Red 2013, Artadi, Navarra, Spain to balance the flavours. Youthful, modern and made from garnacha, there's a sweetness to the ripe forest floor of black fruits that mingles with spice, liquorice and cocoa on the lively finish.
The Bristol Post - 18th July 2014 Read more

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Grenache (Noir) is widely grown and comes in a variety of styles. Believed to originate in Spain, it was, in the late 20th century, the most widely planted black grape variety in the world. Today it hovers around seventh in the pecking order. It tends to produce very fruity, rich wines that can range quite widely in their level of tannin.

In many regions – most famously the Southern Rhône, where it complements Syrah and Mourvèdre, among other grapes – it adds backbone and colour to blends, but some of the most notable Châteauneuf du Pape producers (such as Château Rayas) make 100 percent Grenache wines. The grape is a component in many wines of the Languedoc (where you’ll also find its lighter-coloured forms, Grenache Gris and Blanc) and is responsible for much southern French rosé – taking the lead in most Provence styles.

Found all over Spain as Garnacha Tinta (spelt Garnaxa in Catalonia), the grape variety is increasingly detailed on wine labels there. Along with Tempranillo, it forms the majority of the blend for Rioja’s reds and has been adopted widely in Navarra, where it produces lighter styles of red and rosado (rosé). It can also be found operating under a pseudonym, Cannonau, in Sardinia.


Beyond Europe, Grenache is widely planted in California and Australia, largely thanks to its ability to operate in high temperatures and without much water. Particularly in the Barossa Valley, there are some extraordinary dry-farmed bush vines, some of which are centuries old and produce wines of startling intensity.

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