St. Nicholas Abbey 15-year-old Rum, Barbados, 40%

St. Nicholas Abbey 15-year-old Rum, Barbados, 40%

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St. Nicholas Abbey 15-year-old Rum, Barbados, 40%


St Nicholas Abbey Rum 15-year-old is deep amber in colour with rich aromas of fudge, burnt sugar vanilla, chocolate, mango and spicy cinnamon.  The palate is incredibly soft and dry with notes of dried fruits, coconut, oranges and spice, the finish is very long lasting and silky smooth. St Nicholas Abbey 15-year-old is a wonderful sipping rum in very short supply, it can be enjoyed on its own, after dinner or even with chocolate.

This 15-year-old rum was produced exclusively for the plantation by R. L. Seale.  It was initially aged in oak Bourbon casks at 65% abv for the first 8 years, after which it is batched and re-barrelled into the same casks at bottle strength to be aged for a further 7 years at the Abbey. The unique micro-climate of St Nicholas Abbey softly ages the rum in their individual barrels until bottling time. Given the length of ageing of the 15-year-old there is only a tiny quantity available.
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St.  Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey

Nestled in the highlands of St Peter in Barbados is St. Nicholas Abbey. Built in 1658 and remaining virtually unchanged for the last 350 years, it is one of only three Jacobean mansions remaining in the Western Hemisphere.  This old plantation house sits in over 400 acres of sugar cane fields and has been fully restored to its former glory by local architect and current owner, Larry Warren.

Currently, the un-aged water-white rum from St. Nicholas Abbey is the only commercial rum distilled at the plantation itself. However, there are plans that eventually all rum will be distilled in St. Nicholas Abbeys' own still, Annabelle, using the estate's own home grown sugar cane.

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