1996 Berrys' Own Clynelish, Highlands, Single Malt Whisky 46.0%

1996 Berrys' Own Clynelish, Highlands, Single Malt Whisky 46.0%

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1996 Berrys' Own Clynelish, Highlands, Single Malt Whisky 46.0%

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Recommended by the Whisky Magazine, issue 132, Dec 2015

Clynelish distillery is situated in the small fishing and golfing resort of Brora, on the North Sea coast of beautiful Sutherland. The Whisky is popular with seasoned Malt drinkers for its complex spicy flavours.

The nose initially offers spice with a little smoke. Eventually honey, vanilla and fruit notes emerge. There is an engaging depth to this Whisky. The palate comes alive with fruit and spice before a briny note appears. The finish is long, with a peppery flavour and lasting charm.

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Nose: Classic, crisp, mineral Highland aromas of herbal honey and brittle barley. Beautifully fragrant and vibrant with a touch of dusty oak and a late earthiness and herbal smokiness.

Palate: A little more milky, creamy oak encroachment but the minerality of the spirit stands up to it. A touch of herbal honey and barley comes through leading the way for the return of the citrus and minerality.

Finish: The finish is long, minerally, citric and mouth-watering.
Comment: Now that's the sort of Highland whisky I like!
Chris Goodrum, Whisky Magazine, Issue 132

Nose: Sandalwood and spice. An antique wardrobe in the bedroom of an old British country house: laundered sheets, cedar wood and lavender. A single malt from Narnia perhaps?

Palate: Delicate and slight influence of the wood on the spirit, leaving a fragile whisky, but not in a bad way. Vanilla and green herbs infuse the spirit and there is a touch of old-school whisky making in this palate.

Finish: Grapefruit juice, cinnamon and vanilla custard.
Comment :Like a butterfly in your hand – delicate and beautiful but fleeting and flighty.
Joel Harrison, Whisky Magazine, Issue 132 Read more