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Berry Bros. & Rudd Fino by Bodegas Emilio Lustau

Berry Bros. & Rudd Fino by Bodegas Emilio Lustau

White | Drink now | Bodegas Emilio Lustau | Code:  27708 | Sherry > Fino | Palomino Fino | Light-Medium Bodied, Dry | 15.0 % alcohol


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Scores and Reviews

Other - I'm not sure Fino has ever gone out of fashion but it's rare to be offered a sherry before lunch these days. We know the Queen likes a Dubonnet and Princess Margaret used to drink a Gin and Tonic at 10.30am. But this Berry Bros fino from Bodegas Emilio Lustau is just on the nose. Pale, delicate and as sensitive as an Elizabethan miniature by Isaac Oliver it is an exquisitely dry, subtle and refreshing alternative to champagne as a teaser tipple before lunch.

William Cash, Editor-in-Chief, Spears Magazine

Moore - Fino sherry is like pork crackling – it can be disappointing but you’ll still put up with it; it can be good, and everyone’s pleased; or it can leap out at you, all salty, and crunchy, with a bite and a snap that is almost impossibly perfect, and that’s how this very fresh, punchy fino sherry came across when I tried it. A whiff of ocean spray, and of struck matches, all in incredibly high resolution. Lovely. 
Victoria Moore, The Telegraph 12th December 2015 

The Producer

Bodegas Emilio Lustau

Bodegas Emilio Lustau

Emilio Lustau was established in 1896 and was initially a small family concern until the founder`s son-in-law placed it on a business footing.

The firm is perhaps best known as pioneering the Almacenista system, whereby individual dry sherries are produced from small private holdings. These are bottled under Lustau`s name but with the individual bodega's name on the label as well. Today they are amongst the most sought-out Sherries in the region.

The firm also produces superb wines from its recently acquired 170 hectare Montenegrillo vineyard.

The Grape

Palomino Fino

Palomino Fino

Palomino, named after Fernan Yanez Palomonio, one of King Alfonso X`s knights, is the primary grape variety for Sherry styles (Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo Cortado) production.

It is a high yielding variety that is widely planted in Spain producing mostly insipid thin, dull wines lacking in fruit and acidity. However it thrives on the predominantly chalk based soils of Cadiz  where it produces large bunches of golden yellow grapes, which ripen in early September. The resulting must is transparent in colour and somewhat neutral in flavour, but the subsequent wine can develop a coating of flor before maturing in the solera system and produce a whole range of intense and aromatic sherries.

It is also grown in South Africa, California, and Australia where it is fortified to make sherry-style wines.

The Region


Fino Sherries, made from Palomino grapes, are pale-golden, light, mouthwatering-fresh and bone dry on the palate, with a delicate bouquet evocative of salted almonds.

Finos are aged under a veil of yeast called flor and has an alcohol content of between 15º and 18º. They normally undergo 3-10 years of ageing in the solera system.

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