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St. George's Distillery Chapter 15, The English Whisky Co, 46.0%

St. George's Distillery Chapter 15, The English Whisky Co, 46.0%

St George's Distillery | Code:  33194 | 46.0 % alcohol


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OTHER - Nose - Dry smoke and fresh sea air, Marmite and smoked sausage. The smokiness like that from a wood burner – clean, but interesting.
Palate - Dry and intense from the start, but still well-balanced. Organic peat, straw, oatcakes, and black pepper. A little charcoal.
Finish - Echoes of the smokiness from the palate are accompanied by notes of the crust of fresh, toasted wholemeal bread, and creamy, smoked cheese.
Comment - A great profile of full-on, but different flavours, neatly balanced. I reckon this would go spectacularly with haggis.
Sara Smith - The Whisky Magazine 126

The Producer

St George's Distillery

St George's Distillery

St.George’s Distillery became operational in December 2006, and while the visitor centre opened in summer 2007. The distillery sits on the banks of the river Thet just off the A11 between East Harling and Roudham

The English Whisky Co. was established by James and Andrew Nelstop as the first registered whisky distilling company in England (the other one is the Lakes Distillery) .They now produce on average 13 casks a week, building up a good stock of English Malt Spirit which has to sit in barrels for 3 years before it can be called "whisky".

The spirit is matured in American oak bourbon casks on site but plans are in place to use other sherry and wine casks. The water Source is the Breckland aquifer, and locally produced barley is used. The Master Distiller is Iain Henderson of Laphroaig.

Alongside the whisky, the distillery has also developed Creams and Liqueurs as well.

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