Exploring & Tasting Wine: A wine course with digressions

Exploring & Tasting Wine: A wine course with digressions

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Decanter - The design is terrific, the presentation fresh… it’s fun and stimulating. Clever design and presentation packs a huge amount of information, well written, without any feeling of indigestion. A star buy.
Margaret Rand, Decanter, Sept 2015

Other - I was really impressed by a book called ‘Exploring & Tasting Wine: A Wine Course with Digressions’, published by wine merchants Berry Bros & Rudd. I think that this book provides anyone learning about wine with a great new way of thinking about any given grape (and, by extension, any wine they taste). Exploring and Tasting Wine’ certainly breaks up a lot of information into digestible chunks, and finds a new way to communicate some of the criteria needed to assess wines with any degree of accuracy. If you want a visual metaphor (hey, it’s all the rage, apparently) you might think of this book as the training wheels a newbie to the wine world needs before they pedal off to acquire their very own expertise. I have to admit that I often describe wines in my aide-memoire tasting notes via the use of diagrams, I just don’t publish these impressions as this is not the accepted way of transmitting information about wines. Maybe, inspired by this book, I should re-think my position.
Natasha Hughes MW, natashahughes.com ClerkenwellboyEC1 (top food commentator) in Observer Food Monthly: Exploring & Tasting Wine top of the pile of his favourite new food and wine books in his 112,000-follower Instagram feed.

Moore - It is beautifully produced, very cleverly written so that it feels contemporary and fresh, delivering information succinctly and clearly. I particularly like the fact that, unusually for a wine book, it succeeds in making wine feel part of the real world. It has been carefully marshalled into shape to be appropriate for the 21st century, and it offers a genuine guiding voice, a sense that the information has been properly synthesized. I recommend buying it.
Victoria Moore, Telegraph, Sept 2015

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