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The Famous Grouse, Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)

The Famous Grouse, Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)





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OTHER - Nose
Apricots. Sherry. Juicy fresh oak.
Calvados. Slight butter. Flowering currant. Crystallised ginger.
Faint suggestion of garden bonfires.
Creates the illusion of being massively more malty than it really is. Very good extraction of flavours from the wood seems to be the secret (or part of it). I am in awe of the dexterity of the blender, though the result is a little soft and sweet for my personal tastes.

Michael Jackson - Whisky Magazine Issue 9 Nose
The user-friendly bouquet offers delicate aromatic hints of fruit, very soft peat, and linseed oil. Quiet, calm, approachable.
On the palate, this easy blend travels the course from entry to throat in fine form, offering along the way uncomplicated flavours of moderately sweet grain, mild spice, and even a dash of oak. Medium-bodied.
Long, caramel-like, and as comforting as an old familiar friend.
Agreeable Saturday afternoon blend that doesn't feign profundity or complexity, it just gets down to the business of being a completely satisfying dram.

Paul Pacult - Whisky Magazine Issue 9

The Producer

The Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse

Famous Grouse can trace its origins back to 1896 when Matthew Gloag took over from his entrepreneur uncle at the family's grocery and wine business in Perth, Scotland. Always the inspired adventurer, Matthew capitalised on a flourishing market for house-labelled blended whisky appealing to the growing number of sporting visitors attracted to Scotland's Northeast Highlands.

Matthew insisted that only the finest ingredients be used in his blend, and that the whisky, after years of maturation in oak casks, would only be available for sale when the final blend had been allowed to sit undisturbed for an additional six months. The exact composition of the blend remains a closely guarded secret although it is known that some of the finest malt whiskies such as Highland Park and Macallan are used. Today the Famous Grouse is Scotland's number one selling blended scotch.

The Region

Blended Whiskies

Blended Whisky is made from a blend of whiskies from different distilleries. Ireland, Canada, Japan all produce blends, yet the most renown manifestation of this whisky type comes in the form of Blended Scotch Whisky. The term denotes a blend of one or more Single Malt Scotch Whiskies with one or more Single Grain Scotch Whiskies from different distilleries.

The typical proportion  is 60% grain to 40% malt. The degree of complexity and smoothness in the final blend depends on the percentage of malt. Each whisky used in the blending will normally have been matured for about 5 years, although many other longer-matured versions are also available on the market. 

The term should not be confused with Blended (formely known as Vatted) Malt Scotch Whisky, which comprises only Single Malt Scotch Whiskies (100% barley), which have been distilled at more than one distillery. 

The practice of blending Scots malts trace its origins back to the Victorian times. The original family-run distilleries did not have bottling facilities. They used to sell whole casks of whisky to bottlers, blenders and merchants who then combined the product of various distilleries, to craft a consistent "brand style". 

It is still true that a significant proportion of the malt whisky produced in Scotland is used in Blends, which constitute a large share of the market, although the recent trends in the whisky trade have brought Single Malts into prominence. Important style ambassadors include Bailie Nicole JarvieChivas RegalDewarsHaigWhyte & MackayBell's WhiskyCompass BoxThe Famous GrouseLangs,  Black&White (Buchanans)Cuttty SarkJohnnie WalkerStronachie

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