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1996 Berrys' North British Single Grain Whisky, Cask No 224754, 54.8%

1996 Berrys' North British Single Grain Whisky, Cask No 224754, 54.8%


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The Producer

N British Distillery Grain Whisky

N British Distillery Grain Whisky

North British, a grain distillery, is the only remaining distillery in Edinburgh. It is a very large distillery, producing over 64,000,000 million litres of whisky every year. In 1916 the distillery was outfitted with facilities to produce acetone from maize, and creates spirits such as gin and vodka, in addition to its whiskies.

North British does not produce its own single grain whisky, but instead contributes to many famous whisky blends, including Cutty Sark, Famous Grouse and Chivas Regal.

The Region

Grain Whisky

While Malt Whisky can only be made from barley, Grain Whisky is made from a mixture of grains, typically wheat and maize (corn) and it may also contain barley.

Grain whisky is distilled in a continuous column still, also known as Coffey still. Coffey still distillation is generally accepted to yield lighter and less complex flavour than pot still distillation (distinctive to malt whisky).

In Scotland, pure Grain Whisky is seldom bottled, it is typically used in the production of blended whiskies that combine grain and malt whiskies. Occasionally well-aged grain whiskies are released as "single grain whisky".

Scotland is the home to 6 grain distilleries: Cameronbridge, Girvan, Invergordon, North British, Port Dundas and Strathclyde. Together they annually produce six times the amount of malt whisky. Only three of the aforementioned distilleries bottled their own single grain whiskies: Cameron Bridge, Black Barrel (from Girvan) and Invergordon.

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