Inside Burgundy, by Jasper Morris

Inside Burgundy, by Jasper Morris

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The Wine Advocate - There is no doubt that this is an essential book for anyone remotely interested in the region and its wines.
Neal Martin, erobertparker.com

Jancis - Opening with a glossary, historical background and general overview of how wine is made in Burgundy, the narrative goes on to investigate each of the communes that make up the wines of the Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune and what is the greater Burgundian area. Each appellation is covered, with figures for acreage and the preponderance of grands and premiers crus, followed by a general overview of who owns what and how much. The genesis of particular vineyards and where their names came from, with biographical notes on the producers Morris deems the most important, coupled with their achievements, a brief analysis of their wines, along with detailed and useful accompanying maps, make up most of the package.

In essence, this is a well-written, encyclopaedic investment that's hugely informative and as manageable as it gets when browsing the leviathan that is Burgundy.
Paul O'Doherty, jancisrobinson.com, 16 Dec 2010

Parker - There is no doubt that this is an essential book for anyone remotely interested in the region and its wines.
Neal Martin, erobertparker.com

Decanter - Some features make this an indispensable book for a Burgundy lover' s shelf: coverage of Chablis and the Maconnais as well as the Cote d'Or; superb maps; succinct descriptions of vineyards (not just crus but many village sites, too); and details of the vineyard holdings of top estates.
Stephen Brook, Decanter

Other - Internationally acclaimed wine writer, Steven Spurrier, says in his foreword to Inside Burgundy:
“To sum up, Jasper Morris has found a way to illuminate the bafflingly complex relationships between people and place, vigneron and vineyard, which are at the heart of Burgundy.

Authors have tried before and superb books have resulted; none, however, has succeeded quite so well in presenting the detail, in making clear the pattern, without drowning the reader in nuance, exception and ambiguity.”

Inside Burgundy is the greatest reference work of our generation – actually a number of generations – it is Dr Jules Lavalle for the 21st century generation. It is its own benchmark.
Bill Nanson, The Burgundy report

Inside Burgundy is well-written, with plenty by the way of personal quote and interesting little aside to break up the text, and so despite lots of detail on the wine-making techniques, it is never heavy going. It is also up to date and very free of errors.
Clive Coates MW

Above all, though, as I read I feel that Jasper is acting as my trusted guide through the complexities of this wonderful region. I think he really understands Burgundy - he 'gets' it - and this isn't always the case with people who write on the subject.
Jamie Goode

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