2008 Las Flors de la Pèira, AOC Coteaux de Languedoc

2008 Las Flors de la Pèira, AOC Coteaux de Languedoc

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2008 Las Flors de la Pèira, AOC Coteaux de Languedoc

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The wines are made to the The Matrix soundtrack
Well, OK, they probably aren’t – but if we happened to have composed the theme-tune to a multi-award-winning Hollywood blockbuster, it would be tempting to dial up the sound system in the winery – wouldn’t it?

Rob Dougan and Jéremie Depierre are the musician/winemaker duo behind the sensational Las Flors de la Pèira, which hails from the increasingly fashionable Languedoc area of Les Terrasses du Larzac. Before turning his hand to blending Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, Australian-born Dougan fine-tuned the soundtrack to The Matrix, composing the title track “Clubbed to Death”. “I don't really care about anything in music, apart from what it communicates and the atmosphere it creates,” he said, in an interview for The Guardian.

His wine also speaks volumes: concentration and depth, being the watchwords, says our buyer Simon Field MW. 

Les Terrasses de Larzac, located just to the norh-west of Montpellier, is currently the most fashionable and acclaimed region in the Languedoc. Made from 40% Syrah, 40% Grenache and 20% Mourvèdre (the SGM acronym is ugly but quite popular), Las Flors is aged in barrique and farmed at exceptionally low yields late in October. 

On the palate the 2008 exhibits dark fruits, chocolate, laurel and raw meat, its fruit almost rarified into a liqueur, then undergrowth and even hints of tar and roses; plenty of personality in other words. Concentration and depth are the leitmotives here, but, fear not, the wine is superbly elegant all the way through to its sweetly perfumed finish!
Simon Field MW, BBR Buyer, January 2011

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La  Peira

La Peira

Our most exciting Languedoc find recently , La Pèira is located on the limestone plateau of the fashionable enclave of Les Terraces du Larzac.

First planted by the Romans, these beautiful vineyards share the terrain with the Roquefort-producing sheep and the wild savagery of the garrigue. The ‘Domaine’ consist of a stone barn, its location almost exactly half way between the two great properties of Grange des Pères and Mas de Daumas Gassac.

Highly respected consultant oenologist Claude Gros has really struck gold here. His secret is fairly straightforward and centres on traditional winemaking with indigenous varietals (both Carignan and Cinsault pre-date Grenache in the area).

Every single wine in the versatile Pèira portfolio is an absolute stunner; from the magisterial complexity of the white, Deusyls, through to the three reds which pretty much cover the spectrum of expectation from a great red wine; Les Obriers is fruity yet dense, Les Flors is rich yet magnificently intricate and La Pèiraen Damaisela is a terrific vin de garde, worthy of extended cellaring.

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