Sake and Cheese Tasting, Friday 11th October 2019

Sake and Cheese Tasting, Friday 11th October 2019

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Sake and Cheese Tasting, Friday 11th October 2019


When paired up correctly, sake and cheese can be a fantastic match Join us for this tasting and learn all about the production of sake, and how different production methods impact the overall taste of the wine. We’ll also look, at length, at potential sake and cheese pairings, exploring what does and doesn’t work and, most importantly, why. Hosted by Rebecca Lamont, Head of Wine School
Dress code: smart casual
NB Sakes for this event have been chosen from Berry Bros. & Rudd’s historic stock and may not be available to order following the event.
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Sake and Cheese Tasting, Friday 11th October 2019
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Tutored Tastings

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