The Wine Merchant's Champagne Glass (Box of 4)

The Wine Merchant's Champagne Glass (Box of 4)

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The Wine Merchant's Champagne Glass (Box of 4)

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Saucer-shaped coupes are now relegated to the world of cocktails; and the world has moved instead to flutes. Although elegant, the flute does not allow for the fullest aromatic expression of a Champagne, as the top of the glass is narrow. We have created a glass with a wider, fuller bowl to enable greater appreciation of the wine’s aromas – particularly important when drinking Champagnes with age. The glass has a deep “v” shape at the base of the bowl, the bottom of which has been laser-etched to ensure that a brilliant stream of fine bubbles rises effortlessly up the glass.

The Champagne Glass (sold in a box of four) is part of our range of Wine Merchant’s Glasses. Measuring 221mm high, each glass can hold up to 230ml.

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