2008 Quinta do Vesuvio DOC

2008 Quinta do Vesuvio DOC

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2008 Quinta do Vesuvio DOC


From the legendary Quinta do Vesuvio, origin of some of the very finest vintage Ports, comes this outstanding table wine, sure rapidly to acquire the same reputation as that of its fortified sibling. Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Amarela are all vinified separately before being given an unusually long cuvaison to enable maximum extraction of fruit and tannin. The wine is then aged for 10 months in 400-litre French barrels.

The 2008 season was more temperate than its immediate forebear; probably more of a fillip for table wines than for those which have been fortified. This wine, which is balanced and finely structured, has finely etched tannins, providing the perfect backdrop to the wonderful classic Vesuvio perfume and the opulent plum and raspberry fruit profile.
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Quinta do Vesuvio

Quinta do Vesuvio

As a general rule, the further one travels up the Douro, the better the quality and concentration found in the fruit, though as a result of the drier conditions, the quantities are greatly reduced. The Symington Group took the plunge in 1989 and purchased Quinta do Vesuvio, which despite its remoteness, has to be the grandest quinta, with about 400 hectares of which about 100 are covered with the finest vines.

The transformation of Vesuvio into the Douro’s showpiece vineyard began with António Bernardo Ferreira who bought the Quinta in 1823 with a vision and determination to build a vineyard on a scale never seen before in the Douro.

In addition to building hundreds of terraces and planting thousand of grape vines, an adega (winery) was built. It took thirteen years to complete and within a few years Quinta do Vesuvio became widely regarded as the Douro’s finest property.

Quinta do Vesuvio only produces Vintage Port, both in declared years and those which are not - though only the latter if conditions are of a very high enough standard. This ability to declare in most years is due to the quality of fruit produced on the estate, which is trodden by foot in stone lagares - the time-honoured method that the best producers use for making the best wines. Although released in most years, quantities can be scarce of this most impressive, long-lived wine which frequently rates among the very best for sheer finesse and depth.

In May 1827 António Bernardo Ferreira wrote “All the English have poured praise on my lodge and hold that they cannot find another adega to match mine in the Douro… stating frankly that both in Oporto and the Douro, nobody has better wines”

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