Learn more about Drama

The wine appellation of Drama is one of the hot-beds of viticultural innovation in Greece.

Centred in the eponymous region that spans in parts of East Macedonian and Thrace in North-East Greece, the region plays host to a number of successful wine estates, such as Domaine Pavlidis.

The area around Drama has known viticulture probably from the bronze age to the present. Leading the way on the vineyard are the classic Bordeaux varieties Cab. Sauvignon & Merlot Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, as well as Chardonnay; all seem to be at home in the land-locked, mountainous climate of the region.

Blocks of Sangiovese, Ugni Blanc, Tempranillo, Cab. Franc, Grenache & Syrah also add to the diversity of the region. Red wines often receive barrel treatment in French oak and tend to be muscular and fleshy, with well-defined flavours.

The dominant Indigenous grapes are the whites Roditis & Assyrtiko and the full-bodied red Limnio (often blended with Cab. Sauvignon). 

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