Tinta Negra Mole

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Tinta Negra Mole (aka Tinta de Madiera and Negra Mole) is a versatile red grape variety used in the production of Madeira wine. 

It the most widely planted grape on the island of Madeira and it was created over 200 years ago as a crossing of Pinot Noir and Grenache. Plantings are found mainly around Funchal, Câmara de Lobos in the south and São Vicente in the north. Tinta Negra Mole makes up roughly 60% of Madeira’s total grape production. 

Recently it was recognised as a 'Noble' Madeira grape variety, but it is commonly used as a component of the Madeira blends, where typically 15% or less is Tinta Negra Mole, with the remainder being Bual, Sercial, Malvasia or Verdelho .  If the label does not state one of the 4 aforementioned grapes, then it is most certainly a Tinta Negra Mole Madeira. It comes in all different styles, dry, medium dry, medium rich and rich. and as a 3 year old, 5 year old or 10 year old bottling.

Though vintage Tinta Negra Mole is rare, some Madeira producers have introduced colheita (vintage with 6 to 10 years in cask) and frasqueiras versions of the grape.

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