How do I download the app?
The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on iTunes. The app can also be downloaded and installed remotely directly onto an iPhone and iPod-touch.

Is the app free to download?
Yes there is no charge for downloading the app.

What equipment do I need to use the app?
The app can be used on any iPhone or i-Pod Touch device.

How do I update the app with the latest price list?
The latest prices & stocks in the product list will be automatically updated each time the app is accessed, unless you have disabled the Auto Updates (via the Settings Menu). Updating the price list requires an internet conection. It may take a few minutes and will download approximately 5MB of data.

How do I search for wines using the app?
The best way to search for wines is to use the search wines option in the welcome screen. Just enter any keywords related to your search and a list of wines will be retuned as you type. Alternatively, you may use the filters (search wine by Colour, Region, Vintage & Price)

Do I need an internet connection to use the app?
No you don't need an internet connection to browse and the product list and the individual products. However you will require an internet connection to download the most up-to-date product list and to purchase products on

Can I buy wines on the app?
No you can't buy wine on the app but evey wine on the app has a "Buy Online" link which links through to the relevant product page on where the wine can be bought. Please note that an internet connection is required to proceed with a purchase on

Can I view the wines in bond mode?
Yes. Use the Browse Wine option in the welcome menu to get to section that allows you to browse wines in Retail , in Bond, or to restrict your selection to BBX listed wines (ex-duty & ex- VAT).