Wine isn’t really an essential. Even we – in the business of buying and selling the hard stuff – know that a glass or two of something is a luxury. But that’s what makes our job rather fun: we sell bottles, but they’re bottles that offer much more than just something to drink. It is with this in mind that we’ve put together a collection of wines and spirits suited to a British summer. From the perfect apéritif and bottle of fizz, through fresh, fruit-driven whites and rosés, to reds that will balance the barbecue, these bottles are a luxury we deem very much worth indulging in.


With a lip-smacking Fino, a fresh and lean white from the Basque country and a host of other moreish tipples, this selection will set the tone for a lunch or dinner. These aperitifs will sharpen appetites and refresh parched palates.


Champagne and sparkling

From more “everyday” fizz to Grande Marque Champagne, no week need go without the pleasure of popping of a cork this summer. Alongside a selection from France, you’ll find a handful of fruitier New World bottles and Cava that exceeds expectation.



Running the gamut from crisp Picpoul and mineral Chablis to vibrant Sauvignons, from both the Old World and the New, these whites all zing with freshness. They’re guaranteed to refresh and revive, whatever the English weather is up to.



Thank goodness, rosé is finally back in fashion, no longer just a guilty pleasure. With the 2016 wines just landed, our collection includes a host from modish Provence, as well as lesser-known styles from Spain, Argentina and Greece.



Summer isn’t limited to seafood and salads. With the return of the barbecue, bolder bottles are required. This selection includes darkly fruited, warming reds to stand up to steak or sausages, and lighter styles that will slip down a treat.


Push the boat out

Some days deserve a particularly good bottle: a trip to Glyndebourne or Lords, a birthday feast or even just a Tuesday evening. These more indulgent bottles may be nonessentials, but we dare you not to feel like you need each and every one.


One-stop shop

Mixed cases