1980 Vintage Port

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A vintage that was considered overpriced by the trade and it has subsequently been rather unfairly overshadowed by the 1977s, 1983s and 1985s. The growing season was unsettled with a very wet winter being followed by a very cold and wet spring. The weather then went to the other extreme, with June, July and August witnessing very hot temperatures with no rainfall whatsoever. The first rain in 3 months fell on 20th September and the harvest began 2 days later.

Yields were on the low side, yet the wines are generally very good. They display good levels of ripe fruit, although they tend to lack the structure and longevity of the 1983s and 1985s. Comparable in quality to the 1960s and 1970s, but selling at far lower prices. Great value mature Ports.

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