1999 Spain

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Generally speaking a good vintage throughout Spain, although in many areas quality and quantity were badly affected by severe spring frosts and rains at harvest time. In Rioja the savage bout of frost that hit the region in April led to yields being 25% lower than the record 1998 harvest. The summer was warm but autumn rains dented growers' expectations of a great vintage. Overall the quality is high, though it is important to stick with established growers, as some wines are slightly dilute.

Ribera escaped the worst of the spring frosts, with prolonged sunshine throughout the summer leading to good levels of ripeness. There was some rain at harvest time but it did not seriously affect quality. The crop was large, surpassing the previous record set in 1996, and very high quality wines have been produced.

Harvest rains in Priorat have led to wines of elegance and finesse rather than power and concentration, while, in Rias Baixas, cooling Atlantic winds led to an extended growing season, resulting in very good quality wines.

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