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A fairly mild winter was followed by an early spring with fairly warm temperatures in March, followed by a very warm April and an unseasonably warm, at times outright hot, May. The vines grew at a speed that had been unprecedented rate. By the end of June, another very warm month, the yields and the ripeness levels were promising a  “vintage of the millenium”. July, the wettest and coldest in decades, put everything in reverse, slowing growth and laying groundwork to unusually high humidity and with it,  ideal conditions for fungus diseases.

The remainder of the season was a mix of wet and dry, warm and cool, sometimes changing within a couple of days. Harvest started fairly early but the grapes required a rigid selection and sorting. Carefully selected, handpicked fruit produced crisp, well structured wines with texture and with attractive aromas, good, harmonious acidity and dry extract levels which lie over those of 1999 and 1997, making for potentially longlived 2000 wines.

On the downside, the rigid selection, in addition to the green-harvesting considerably shrunk the yields in the 2000 harvest.All style sof wines were produced in Mosel from QbA to excellent Beeren- and Trockenbeerenauslese.

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