2000 Chile

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A challenging millennium vintage for Chilean growers with uneven growing conditions throughout the growing season. Spring was cool and moist and the Casablanca valley was hit by a late frost on December 6th. The ripening process was irregular, especially for reds, with a two-week stall due to unstable climatic conditions (two rains in February and a heavy downpour in mid-April) causing major headaches for growers. The start of the harvest was delayed and did not finish until the end of May, making it the latest harvest in memory. Aurelio Montes, winemaker at Viña Montes in the Colchagua Valley, said: Year 2000 has been complicated by an unusual vigour of the vines and unseasonable rains. In Aconcagua the rains were milder and the harvest wasn't badly affected. Edward Flaherty, winemaker at Errazuriz, said: Here in Aconcagua Valley, I am very excited about the consistent quality of the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon lots, which have more cherry flavours than I remember in previous vintages, together with and elegant, rich mouth feel. I don't think I've ever had so much wine of this quality in the winery.

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