1978 White Burgundy

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Christened the miracle vintage by Harry Waugh for Bordeaux, the same holds true to a much greater extent in Burgundy. The white wines were quite concentrated but sometimes lacked a sense of balance between fruit and acidity, while the reds are arguably the finest produced in Burgundy since 1959 until 1999 or 2005.

The growing season got off to a difficult start with late flowering and a small crop set. Until August it appeared unlikely that this could be a successful vintage, but superb weather in September, sunny rather than hot, and continuing into October proved to be ideal ripening conditions.

The vintage began on 5th October, later for many growers, and though it is hard to conceive today of great wines coming from an October harvest, 1978 is a magnificent exception to that rule.

Most of the wines are at the peak of their development, but there have been some magnificent treats along the way.

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