1990 White Burgundy

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1990 has been one of Burgundy’s most successful wine vintages, arguably the finest between 1978 and 1999 for reds and also successful for white wines. Not everybody is a fan because the heat of the summer produced rich wines which are not entirely typical of Burgundy.

White Burgundy 1990 - First Impressions
The white crop was on the high side but with plenty of fruit and a refreshing acidity, suggesting a fine vintage if just short of a great one. On balance the 1989s seemed to have the edge in white.

Commercially, the vintage escaped too much hype as much of the western world was about to fall into deep recession.

White Burgundy 1990 - The Wines in Bottle
The early assessments have been subsequently borne out in bottle. If 1959 and 2005 are the greatest vintages of the past 50+ years, then most people would cite 1978, 1990 and 1999 as competing to join them on the podium. Village wines from good producers can still be attractive, leading premiers crus are approaching their prime.

Most white wines are fully ready to drink, but the best bottles can still hit the heights of greatness. The 1989 or 1990 argument has probably seen a victory on points for the former vintage, but by no means decisively.

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