2003 White Burgundy

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2003 will be remembered in Burgundy for its ferocious summer heatwave. Incredibly the white wine harvest was effectively complete by the end of August.

Acidity levels were very low and growers were recommended to add significant quantities of tartaric acid to their grape juice. The majority of growers we have bought from took a cautious view and added homeopathic doses to ensure microbiological stability. A few decided to accept the vintage as it is and refrained entirely from acidification.

Initially it looked as though the wines would need bottling early, but the longer they spent in barrel the more stable and the more typical of their appellations they have become, sloughing off the initial over-opulence of the vintage. Happily most of our key growers have taken this route and have prodcued rich, exuberant and exciting wines for early drinking.

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