2004 White Burgundy

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A return to normal after the excessive heat of 2003. The weather did provide some challenges to the Chardonnay winemakers of Burgundy, but the white wines have fared better than the reds.

After a warm Spring, the cold snap in June delayed the ripenning that had started so well. A cold July and August followed causing some problems with mould and oidium, but with good canopy management, the best producers were able to avoid the worst of the problems.

Conscientious growers ended up very pleased with their 2004 harvest. Several reported a medium to large crop of grapes which had reached ripeness (12.5 degrees to 13 degrees), had the perfect balance of acidity and showed fine aromatics from the start - a similar style to 1992 perhaps.

We have restricted our offering to those who got it right.

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