2002 Chablis

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One thing's for sure, the Chablis Grand Crus 2002 wine harvest was one of the best harvests for years.

A dry spring without any major frost permitted the vegetative cycle to begin normally. A beautiful month of May and the beginning of June assisted an early flowering that was completed near the 10th June for the entire Grand Crus vineyards. July was marked by cool and wet weather conditions and August showed both extremes, with a large variation of hot and cool temperatures but without any major rain. The vineyards were extremely healthy and they were not affected by any mildew or oidium.

The premier controls of ripeness were completed by early September and they showed that the vegetative cycle was in advance of the average with the sugar content levels similar to the excellent vintages of 1990 and 2000.

With these excellent climatic conditions, producers had plenty of time to wait for full ripeness. The Grand Crus harvest started on the 20th September and finished around the 8 October. The harvest was perfect with the weather condition producing plenty of sunshine and no rain.

The 2002 is a classic Chablis style and an exceptional vintage. The 2002 harvest can be compared to 1986 or 1990 which had similar small yields and excellent concentration and ripeness.

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