1978 Rhone

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Without doubt he best vintage in the Rhône since 1961 and arguably since the legendary 1911. In the Northern Rhône the growing season had an inauspicious start with a very cold and wet spring with outbreaks of coloure significantly reducing the final crop size. June was cold but There then followed hot and dry weather, which lasted through to mid October. It was particularly hot in September and this had the effect of adding an element of super-ripeness to the wines. The Cote Rôties and Hermitages were massive, rich, concentrated and inherently well balanced wines which have aged superbly well.

In the Southern Rhône a similar weather pattern ensued and the top Châteauneufs are deeply coloured and display considerable depth of fruit as well as impeccable balance. Like their Northern Rhône counterparts the wines have aged marvellously and the best wines will keep for another 10-20 years.

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