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2012 was a complicated vintage for the Loire wine region, with a sunny start followed by a cold, damp spell bringing the threat of disease, including the almost-unprecedented simultaneous onset of both oïdium and mildew. The early-flowering Pinot Noir was the worst-hit, with a resulting loss of around 50% of the crop.

There then followed a dry summer, bringing the stress of drought, as no rain fell between mid-July and early September, when water finally arrived to relieve the vines. Many growers like François Cotat began the harvest in the subsequent dry period on the 27th of September - three days after the official Ban des Vendanges – picking for a week, successfully bringing the grapes in just before two weeks of rain arrived at the beginning of October.

The resultant wines are beautifully balanced, with plenty of fruit an edgy freshness. Most of the white wines are all around the 13% mark in terms of alcohol.. 2012 is certainly a vintage with great ageing potential, and  this is a set of edgy, nervy wines which should improve for some years to come.
Adam Bruntlett, Wine Buyer

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Clos Rougeard, Ready, but will keep,

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Domaine Francois Cotat, Chavignol, Ready, but will keep,
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Magnum 3 x 150cl 1cs

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Didier Dagueneau, Ready, but will keep,

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