A Connoisseur's Cognac: Le Voyage

Le Voyage is the pinnacle of Delamain's  product range. This is the ultimate product for the Cognac Connoisseur, with only 500 available worldwide.This one-of-a-kind Cognac comes in its own Baccarat crystal decanter, within a luxury leather gift box

These cognacs, some approaching the centenary of their distillation, sleep peacefully in glass demi-johns in the cellars of Delamain. They represent a living archive of the house, inviting you on a voyage of discovery through, and facilitated by, the craftsmanship and passion of the present and past cellar masters of Delamain

Le Voyage unfolds a kaleidoscope of subtle sensations: all the perfumes of Russian leather, the musky aroma of the tropics, the heady scent of tobacco from the Americas, of coffee from Africa heralding the spicy hints of the Far East and finally the bouquet of grapes from the hillsides of the Grande Champagne.

Le Voyage is not available for purchase online. The Spirits Room in our London Shop holds stocks of this rare and premium Cognac. For further help and information please contact Robert Whitehead.

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