Wine School Pickering Cellar

Dating back to the 17th century, our Pickering Cellar was previously used to bottle wines that were shipped over in barrel: today it is home to our Wine School.

Hidden beneath Pickering Place, London's smallest public square and once a notorious venue for cockfighting and bear-baiting, lies our Pickering Cellar. Named after William Pickering, parts of the site allegedly date back to the 16th century and beyond, including a well that predates Henry VIII. In more recent years, the space was used as a bottling cellar. Wines were traditionally shipped in barrel, and bottled by merchants.

Nowadays it is home to our Wine School – after all, there’s no better place to learn about wine than in a cellar. Customers can enjoy our excellent tutored tastings, which are an opportunity to try a range of wines – themed by topic such as a region of interest, grape variety or style – and accompanied, of course, by delicious canapés. Read about the Pickering Cellar on the Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine Blog.

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