This noble if commercially unimportant classification officially identifies the 'Cru Artisan' estates of the Médoc. These are family businesses that cultivate their own grapes, and make, market and sell their wines.

'Cru Artisan' is an official term that has been used for over 150 years in Bordeaux but one that largely disappeared from common usage in the 1930s.

After over 15 years of lobbying (eat your heart out Baron Philippe de Rothschild) in January 2006 the Union of Médoc Cru Artisans succeeded in obtaining official recognition for this classification, restricting the use of 'Cru Artisan' to only 44 estates, and laying down rules to ensure consistency and quality. The 44 classified properties cover 340ha of vineyards in total and are mainly located in the Médoc and Haut-Médoc. It is intended that the classification will be renewed every 10 years.

The 2006 Médoc Cru Artisans Classification
Château Baudens, Médoc
Château Begadan, Médoc
Château Bejac Romelys, Médoc
Château Cantegric, Médoc
Château Gadet Terrefort, Médoc
Château Garance Haut Grenat, Médoc
Château Graves du Privera, Médoc
Château Haut Blaignan, Médoc
Château La Tessonnière, Médoc
Château Le Vieux Sérestin, Médoc
Château Les Graves de Loirac, Médoc

Château Les Trieux, Médoc
Château Vieux Gadet, Médoc
Château Clos du Relais, Haut-Médoc
Château de Coudot, Haut-Médoc
Château de Lauga, Haut-Médoc
Château des Graviers, Haut-Médoc
Château d'Osmond, Haut-Médoc
Château du Galan, Haut-Médoc
Château Ferre, Haut-Médoc
Château Gaston Réna, Haut-Médoc
Château Grand Brun, Haut-Médoc

Domaine Grand Lafont, Haut-Médoc
Château Guittot Fellonneau, Haut-Médoc
Château Haut Bréga, Haut-Médoc
Château Lamongeau, Haut-Médoc
Château Le Beyan, Haut-Médoc
Château Le Bouscat, Haut-Médoc
Château Martin, Haut-Médoc
Château Micalet, Haut-Médoc
Château Moutte Blanc, Haut-Médoc
Château Tour Bel Air, Haut-Médoc
Château Tour du Goua, Haut-Médoc

Château Viallet Nouhant, Haut-Médoc
Château Vieux Gabarey, Haut-Médoc
Château Gobinaud, Listrac
Château Lagorce Bernadas, Moulis
Clos de Bigos, Margaux
Château des Graviers, Margaux
Château des Trois Chardons, Margaux
Château Gassies du Vieux Bourg, Margaux
Château Capdet, St Julien
Château Behere, Pauillac
Château La Peyre, St Estèphe