Food & Winefor Christmas

Christmas Dinner is probably the biggest event of the year for many families, yet planning and preparing for the occasion can be fraught with problems. Catering for sprout-hating children, the solo vegetarian and an uncle who would prefer roast beef can be a nightmare; getting the wines right is not straightforward either! 

Such a special occasion deserves special wines: Champagne is virtually a necessity, yet the type of trimmings, as well as individual tastes, need to be considered when it comes to choosing what to serve alongside the turkey or goose. 

We hope the advice within will steer you in the right direction. Remember that the most important factors to consider when deciding are:

  • Match the Weight of both the food and wine. Full-bodied wines complement heavy, rich foods
  • Match the Flavour Intensity of both (full-flavours like Sauvignon Blanc and asparagus) and also consider the wine’s Fruit Character (the raspberry flavours in Pinot Noir complement duck the same way a delicious fruit sauce would)
  • Match or complement Acidity in wine and food (high-acid wines complement fatty foods the same way lemon cuts the greasiness of smoked salmon)
  • Salt is not found in wine but does clash with tannic wines, so avoid this pairing 
  • The more Texture a food has (fatty food like duck, chewy like steak) the more Tannin the wine should have
  • Always remember to serve a wine with greater Sweetness than the food. Sweetness in wine also acts as a foil to rich foods (Sauternes and foie gras is a classic example)

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