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BBX (Berrys' Broking Exchange)

BBX - Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine Broking Exchange - Thorough Investment Research

BBX (Berrys' Broking Exchange) is the online fine wine trading service that enables customers to sell, and buy, privately stored wines in Berrys’ UK bonded warehouse.

Call it investment research, or call it many days spent in the company of many fine wines: we’ve done our homework. When you trade on BBX, the biggest private wine trading platform in the world, you are trading only the finest wines, all protected and managed by us, and all passing our onesimple test: ‘Is it good to drink?’

Buy Wines Listed on BBX
  • Over 2,000 wines available to buy now on BBX
  • Access to a rich and varied treasure trove of mature fine wines that are unavailable anywhere else in the market
  • Easy to browse and search for wines – By vintage, region, estate or price
  • Buyers have the choice to buy BBX wines at the selling price or place offer bids
  • No buyers’ premium
  • Buy with confidence with Berrys’ No Quibble Guarantee

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Bid on Wines

Buyers can now place bids on any BBX eligible wine stored in our bonded warehouses, even if they are not listed on BBX
  • Over 14,000 wines to bid on
  • Free Registration and no buyers'commission
  • We communicate live bids to sellers
  • ...and let buyers know when their bid is accepted
  • It’s really simple. Bids are placed and accepted with a click of a button.

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BBX for Sellers

bbr.com has over 170,000 unique visitors a month so there is an enormous number of potential buyers.
  • Free Liv-ex and Wine Searcher Valuations - Our Valuation Service instantly reveals the market value of your wines
  • Free Registration, No Listing Fees & Low Sellers’ Commission  (10%)
  • You decide whether to hear about – or accept – offer bids
  • Receive Payment Quickly (funds are transferred on the 10th working day)
  • View here step-by-step information on how to sell your wines on BBX.
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Go straight to your Cellared Wines to list for sale on BBX and to review bids on your cellar wines.
  To qualify, you need to have placed at least one order or to have wines stored with Berrys. Log in to your account to proceed.

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Read more on BBX Terms & Conditions and on BBX customers' testimonials

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