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Recently Disgorged

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R.D. ('Recently Disgorged') style was introduced for the first time by Madame Bollinger in 1961 on the 1952 Bollinger Grande Année vintage. Disgorgement or dégorgement in French is a core process in the traditional method of sparkling wine-making. It involves the removal of the frozen sediment (yeast) collected in a plastic pot (pellet) at the neck of the inverted bottle at the end of the  Champagne's ageing process after the second fermentation.

In instances where disgorgement is deliberately delayed to the point just prior to the release of the bottling to the market, the champagne benefits from a prolonged maturation on its lees (yeast) which reinforces the aromatic subtlety and complexity of the final wine. Most importantly, late disgorgement allows the Champagne to retain its freshness and vivacity and fruity expression despite the ageing.

Recommended Producers: Bollinger RD the most famous and exquisite exponent of the style, Pol Roger.