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Inside Burgundy: The iPad Edition - Côte de Beaune

Inside Burgundy: from the bookshelf to the iPad
Jasper Morris's award-winning classic volume is now a series of interactive eBooks for the iPad - and from autumn 2013 for Mac computers - available from the iBookstore. The first, Inside Burgundy: Côte de Beaune, was released in November 2012; explore it below.

Download Côte de Beaune on the iBookstore for £14.99

Also available: Inside Burgundy by Jasper Morris MW was published in October 2010 by Berry Bros. & Rudd Press. It has been, and remains, a commercial and critical success. The book runs to 656 pages and has a weight of over 2 kilos. This makes it somewhat cumbersome as an on-the-spot guide to Burgundy's vineyards. The iPad's light weight and portability make the interactive eBook edition of Inside Burgundy an invaluable companion on visits to the region.

The interactive eBook Inside Burgundy: the Côte de Beaune was released in November 2012. It is available on the iPad and the new iPad Mini and retails through the Apple iBookStore. Take a look at Jasper's video about this eBook.
  • The eBooks contain the full text of the Vineyards and Vignerons sections of Inside Burgundy: the central chapters on the villages, the vineyards and the producers – updated by Jasper Morris
  • In addition to the full text and the stunning maps, the eBooks have video 'Windows on Burgundy' in Jasper's company.
  • The eBooks also have hundreds of stunning colour photographs by two of the most creative visual explorers of Burgundy, Michel Joly and Jon Wyand.
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The eBook Preview:


Key features: Côte de Beaune
  •  Côte de Beaune on the iPad is 460 pages long
  • The text is fully searchable: every mention of a vineyard or a grower can be explored
  • The superb maps of the Burgundy vineyards are interactive: they can be zoomed with one tap, and live links take you to the text on grands crus and premiers crus
  • Videos of Jasper Morris explaining key quality factors punctuate the pages
  • Readers can highlight text and can make their own notes – invaluable for building up a personal library of cellar information and tasting notes
  • Hundreds of colour photographs show the vineyards discussed, and the producers who make the wines
  • A Glossary by Jasper Morris explains key terms at the tap of a finger