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Vintage Port

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Vintage Port accounts for only a small percentage of the total Port production (that includes Tawny, Ruby, Late Bottled Vintage, Single Quinta Vintage styles, among others) but is the finest, longest lived and most expensive style that is produced. The best are as good as any wine in existence. 

With the exception of legendary vineyards like Quinta do Noval Nacional and Quinta do Vesuvio, Vintage Port is made from a blend of wines from a producer's finest plots. It is aged for around 18 months in wooden casks before bottling; from then on the watch word is patience. At least 15 years ageing - and for the top wines significantly longer - is required before the tannins, spirit and fruit are fully integrated. Indeed, the finest examples can last well over 50 years

Vintage Port is only made in exceptional years - normally about 3 times per decade - with considerable stylistic variation between different years and shippers. However, they all share a sweet, warming spicy richness, power and complexity. In other good but not great vintages many shippers produce a Single Quinta Vintage Port from their finest vineyard. These are made in the same way and have the same style as Vintage Port but tend to mature faster and are less profound. All Vintage Port throws a sediment as it matures and thus requires decanting.