Bruno Paillard

Bruno Paillard

Established in 1981, Bruno Paillard is based in Reims, in the heart of the Champagne region of France. The estate is known for its commitment to crafting wines of the finest calibre, driven by a philosophy of precision, attention to detail, and a focus on showcasing the pure expression of the terroir.

As a “Négociant Manipulant” (NM) Champagne house, they own some of their vineyards, but they also source grapes from carefully selected growers with longstanding relationships. This approach allows them greater control over the grape quality and maintains their strict quality standards.

One key aspect that sets Bruno Paillard apart is its dedication to using only the first pressing of the grapes during the winemaking process. This process, known as “cuvée,” is believed to be the finest and most delicate juice from the grapes, resulting in Champagne of exceptional finesse and elegance.

Another distinctive feature of Bruno Paillard Champagnes is their extended ageing period in their cellars. The house holds its non-vintage Champagnes in the cellar for at least three years, while vintage and prestige cuvées can age even longer, allowing the wines to develop complexity, depth, and character.

Bruno Paillard produces a range of Champagnes, from the fresh and lively non-vintage blends to the more complex and nuanced vintage and prestige cuvées. Each Champagne is carefully crafted to express the unique characteristics of the grapes and the specific terroir they come from.

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