Barolo 2020


Disorder, unrest and lockdowns may have characterised 2020, yet in Barolo's vineyards, some respite was to be found from the chaos. Unencumbered by bad weather, grapes ripened beautifully; all in all, it was a vintage of excellent climatic conditions, and one that winemakers were incredibly pleased with.

This is already being called a "classical" year; the wines are elegant and balanced, yet also have distinctive levels of juicy fruit and tangy freshness, that make these less demanding than other vintages of recent memory. As with any quality Barolo, they will need time in the cellar to reveal their true potential - yet we are certain that, with age, they will delight collectors and drinkers alike.

Climate change
in Piedmont

Rising temperatures are a concern across the winemaking world, and Piedmont hasn't escaped the impact of climate change. Mark Pardoe MW analyses changes in the regions and explains what future challenges these much-loved wines are facing.

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