Fine wine will only retain its value if it is kept in optimum conditions, allowing the liquid to mature while minimising the risk of any faults developing. Our state-of-the-art, secure, bonded warehouses are the perfect environment in which to keep your wine until you are ready to drink or sell it.

You can choose to withdraw or sell your wine at any time. When you withdraw a case or more, delivery is free to all UK destinations (excluding the Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland), for more information on delivery visit here. Selling wine stored in our warehouses with BBX, our fine wine exchange, is simple and secure; you can find more information here.


Wine storage

How our Cellar Plan works at Berry Bros. & Rudd

Why store wine in bond?

  • Your wine will mature in optimum conditions, protected from changes in temperature, humidity, light and movement
  • Storing wine in bond (before Duty or tax has been paid) makes it easier to sell in the future
  • We check the provenance and quality of everything entering our warehouses
  • We insure all wine and spirits at replacement value
The benefits of our Cellar Plan at Berry Bros. & Rudd

How it works

  • When you purchase wine in bond, you can choose to have it delivered directly to our warehouses
  • Our expert team inspect the original packaging and bottles
  • Wine is allowed to gently acclimatise
  • Cases are stored in temperature and humidity-controlled conditions
  • You can choose to withdraw or sell your wine at any time

Wine Storage at Berry Bros. & Rudd

What are the costs?

  • We charge an annual storage fee of £13.80 per 12-bottle case
  • Cellar Plan members benefit from a reduced rate of £12.60
  • The minimum charge for storing wine with us is £41.40
  • Unsplit cases of wine are delivered free of charge
  • You can transfer wine to our warehouses for £7.50 per case




Why store wine In Bond?

  • Your wine will mature in optimum conditions, protected from changes in temperature, humidity, light and movement.
  • Storing wine In Bond (before Duty or VAT has been paid) makes it easier to sell in the future. You can view all your wines in one place via your account on or on our app.
  • You can easily evolve your wine collection over time, building a cellar that is rewarding for years to come.

How we store wine

Our state-of-the-art, secure, bonded warehouses are carefully controlled environments: temperatures are kept at 12°C and regulated to within one degree, humidity is controlled between 65-75% and movement of stock is kept to a minimum.

Before wine can be stored in our warehouses, it is first gently acclimatised. This helps us keep everything we store in perfect conditions.

For added peace of mind, all wines stored with us are insured at replacement value.

Storage rates

The rate for storing wine in our temperature-controlled warehouses is £13.80 (inc. VAT, where applicable, and insurance at replacement value) per case per annum. Cellar Plan members benefit from a reduced rate of £12.60 (inc. VAT, where applicable, and insurance at replacement value) per case per annum.

There is a minimum annual charge of £41.40. This minimum charge is used to cover the annual storage charges for the first three 12-bottle cases (or equivalent) that you have in your cellar. This includes cases under beneficial ownership (for example, wine bought as a gift in trust for a child).

Withdrawing your wine

It can take up to 2 additional working days to process your request to deliver your wine. During peak times (for instance Christmas) this can take longer but we will communicate this in advance.

When you withdraw your wine, you will need to pay Duty and VAT at the current rate, based on the original cost of your wine. If you want to withdraw part of a case, there is an additional charge of £10 (inc. VAT, where applicable) per product.

Provenance and transferring your wine into our warehouses

We are pleased to store all wines you buy from us. This applies to wines bought directly, or wines purchased from other customers through BBX.

If you would like to transfer wines to us which you currently have stored with a third-party, this may be possible. Please note, we don’t automatically accept into our warehouses wines which are stored with third parties. This is to protect the integrity of all the wines we store.

The first step in transferring wines to us is to email with a request to move your wines into our warehouses. Please include details of the wine, the vintage, the case size and the original price paid. This can be either in the form of the original invoice or a spreadsheet.

We will then need to carry out a number of checks and ensure your wines meet the following criteria:

  • All wines must currently be stored In Bond with a HMRC registered UK warehouse.
  • All cases must be complete and original.
  • All bottles must be unopened, free of any leaks and with their original label and packaging intact.

To meet our legal obligations and protect the integrity of all the wine we hold, we carry out the following checks:

Prior to delivery, we check:

  • Bonded status
  • Ownership history
  • Source of purchase funds

We may need to ask you for certain information to help us carry out these checks.

It’s important that you don’t arrange for wine to be delivered to us until we have completed these checks. Unfortunately, any wines that arrive before these checks have been completed will not be admitted. Where we have to refuse a delivery of such wines, they will remain at your risk and we may arrange for them to be returned to you. While any such wines are on our premises, we are not able to accept responsibility for them, but we are entitled to charge you our standard storage rates.

Once we have notified you in writing that your products have passed the pre-delivery checks, you can arrange for your wines to be delivered

When your wine arrives at our warehouses, our authentication team will carry out a detailed inspection of the wine and its packaging. We charge £7.50 (inc VAT, where applicable) per case for this service.

When our team is satisfied of the wine’s quality and provenance, we will accept it into our warehouses. You will then be able to view your wine online or via our app.

If, for any reason, we are not completely satisfied, we will let you know as soon as possible and arrange for the stock to be returned.

We care deeply about the quality of all the wines we store in our warehouses. Wine will be admitted into our storage at our complete discretion, and we reserve the right to refuse to store any wine, at any time.