Part of the thrill of collecting comes from exploring the rich variety on offer: the regions, the styles, the vintages. But we know it’s exactly those aspects that can make the journey seem daunting if you’re just starting out. So, we've brought together our main collecting releases throughout the year, to help you plan ahead and learn a little more about each region. You’ll find insightful educational pieces and advice articles, as well as mixed cases to help you discover each of the key styles ahead of the main release.



This is one of our biggest offers, and a firm favourite among our collectors. Alongside Bordeaux, having a range of Burgundy wines in your cellar is considered a good foundation to build on. The quality of winemaking continues to grow across the board, and there’s a wealth of talent to be discovered beyond the big names and most famous appellations. Our Burgundy 2022 offer is now winding down, but there are still a number of wines available below.

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February 22nd
Brunello di Montalcino

Another perennial favourite among collectors, Brunello di Montalcino offers incredible value, considering the quality, demand and longevity of its wines. A series of exciting new vintage releases from this fabled Tuscan region will launch in late February. The 2019 vintage, in particular, is exceptional, already garnering high praise from critics. Look to the entry-level Rosso di Montalcino wines for early drinking, and Brunello di Montalcino wines for the cellar. “These are wines that no collector should ignore,” says Martyn Rolph, our Head of Buying.

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March 7th
The Rhône Valley

There is a huge range of styles and grape varieties on offer from the Rhône, making it a fantastic starting point if you're new to collecting. Reds from the Northern Rhône are Syrah dominated, while Grenache presides in the Southern Rhône. Producers in the south are constantly finding new ways to deal with extreme drought. Even though it was a hot and dry year, the 2022 vintage retains some of the elegance of a cooler year through smart vineyard management.

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April 17th

The region of Barolo in the Piedmont hills is growing in importance on the fine wine stage. The red wines here are made from Nebbiolo, and are beautifully ageable – a must for any fine wine collector. The latest 2020 vintage is a result of unique lockdown conditions: with no travel and no pollution, winemakers stayed home and tended to their vines, resulting in a “vintage of perfect proportions”, says our Buyer Davy Żyw. The wines are characterised by juicy yet focused fruit, and clear terroir expression. Now is truly the best time to start collecting these wines – read more about it below.

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Throughout May

Red Bordeaux is the classic bedrock of any fine wine cellar, renowned for its balance, complexity and ageability. This is the biggest collecting offer of the year, and the 2023 vintage is an eagerly anticipated one, with generous quantities expected. While this region is home to the world’s most famous estates, don’t be fooled: there’s plenty to discover beyond the big-name châteaux. The region’s lesser-known white wines, in particular, offer fantastic value for money.

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Located on the Tuscan coast, Bolgheri is home to some of the greatest and most iconic Italian fine wine producers: Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Masseto. The red wines here are made from the so-called Bordeaux grape varieties, and characterised by a Mediterranean warmth. Producers such as Grattamacco are offering wines of fantastic quality at a fraction of the price of the top wines. Read more about two of the region’s best producers below.

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La Place de Bordeaux

This is a release of fine wines from around the world – from Chile to China, and everywhere in between. There is a diverse range on offer here, and it is a fantastic opportunity for the collector to discover new regions and styles. Many wines have a spiritual connection to Bordeaux, whether it is through the producer or the style (or both).

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Artisan Champagne

A hugely exciting release, this is an opportunity to explore the smaller-scale, artisanal side of the world’s most celebrated sparkling wine region. Beyond the Grandes Marques, there are hundreds of independent producers leading a movement with a focus on quality and individuality, each with their own unique story to tell.

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The Loire Valley

There is a dazzling diversity of grape varieties and winemaking styles to explore along the length of the Loire River, from crisp, bone-dry whites to sweet sparkling expressions. Although this will be only our second annual release, we’ve been building relationships with the region’s finest producers for years. There is great value to be found here, in a region often described as “the next Burgundy”.

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